Friday, February 25, 2011

its raining laaa :))


rainy evening..nothing to do..thank god internet bagos!!! selak2 youtube carik tutorial hijab..first thing came out in my mind is HANA TAJIMA of course...wishing i can be like her..full with inspiration!!!

why am i speaking english??? o.O"

smbil selak2 youtube smpat jugak checking out dkt stylecovered..konon carik inspirasi hana tajima still the same try bukak yg lain2 punye...most of them are malaysian..ooh how proud i am!! :)) sempat jugak tgk tutorial kak maria..simple and nice!! really love it.. :))

tp smpai sekarang x tahu nk buat yg cm ni..*tgk bwh!*

pic courtesy to StyleCovered-Hana Tajima

ok laa smpai sini je..anything else later laa eh..see u soon readers!! :))

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