Monday, July 19, 2010

am i??


heyoo..btolkan kalau kite ade blog kite kene slalu share cerite supaya readers kite x rindu??its just a question actually nothing more..coz i noe i dont have any loyal readers lgpon nobody knows bout my blog..except for my dont know..i might have some silent readers rite??who knows..hahaha..actually smalam i just found out that one of my silent readers is my sister..oh god..dat was so fascinating!!unbelievable!!oh yeah im starting to blush~~

hari ni nak share ape eh???hmm..mcm x de pape..its just like wat i have said before..lately sgt kerap bertembung dgn SI DIA..dan itu sgt x bagos..i hate it..coz when i look at him...well..u noe..the feelings..arggghhh.hate it soo much..

forget bout him for a moment..ouh before balek abg din ade pesan bwk moto leklok..biar lmbt asal la hari tu kan baru lepas jatuh motor..ouuuhh..x sngka abg din can be dat sooo caring..THANKS ABG DIN!! i call him abg din actually becoz he call me kakak!! funny la u din!! :))

in a nutshell;
deep in my heart, saya sgt2 menghargai dan sgt terharu kerana masih ade yg ambil berat pasal saya walaupun saye ini bukan siapa-siapa pada dia..THANKS A LOT..only ALLAH can repay you.. :))

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