Thursday, June 10, 2010

btz btz btz


lame btol x update blog kan??kan??
too much thing happens in a month..
and hell yeah..
i've through it with lotsz of patient n courage..

18 MAY 2010..
is being a blooded date..
first day exam..
back from school as usual cook for my lil sis..
when i was prepared the food..
abg said "cepat2 pegi tuka baju..atok dh x de.."
for god sake..
i am sgt2 tergamam n kelu..
is this a dream??

abg call my mom..
i don noe what my mom reaction..
and wanna noe wat..
my mom x sempat nk tgk atok for the last time..
coz the same day..
ayien got a lil complication..
as my grandfather passed away..
few days skip school..
trpkse dtg time x de paper sbb nk gnti balek hari yg x ambik paper tu..

3weeks wif lots of stress finally end..
the best thing is..
cuti 2weeks..

10 june 2010
after a weeks x jmpe rkn2..
hari ni gather balek sbb nk bncg psal magazine..
best sgt2..
mane x nye..
smggu asyek terperuk kat rumah je..
muke pon dh nak cerah dh ni..
hahahahhaha :DD

kitorg gi mines..
superb best..
karok then pegi pameran read malaysia..
thank you az,tini,hani,n elinda for realise my wish!! :))

on my way back home..
i used the pink couch..
pink couch is special for womens who use the train..
the not cool thing bout this is..
when a man stood by my side..
is he a 'nyah' or what??
x boleh bace ke yg pink couch ni untk prmpuan je??
the most thing is..
his gf mcm buat x kesah je bwk die naik pink couch tu..
siap buat muke x kesah + siap berpelukan ketat2 plak tu..
what a shame..
please la people..
stupid sgt ke smpai x bole nk paham bm or bi???
x boleh thn btol la dgn dorg2 ni..
buat saket hati je..

in a nutshell;
never give up in life!

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