Monday, April 5, 2010

its my day!


hari ni kind of x de mood..
or in other word..
im MOODY!!get out of my way!

kenapekah tetibe rase sebegiu..
pdhal before this hepi tahap gaban..
might be bcoz..

1;i miss u darl!hahaha..
~x jmpe CWS for a whole day..he's absent again..ouh my CWS..can u pleaz come to school everyday so that i can watch your cute face..bwahahahha..

2;miss my mom badly..

~hmm..miss my mom more than anything in this world include CWS..but thank god..smpai runah je tdik mak da balek..yuhuuu! (a bit change my mood..)

3;he is coming..
~ouh god!for 2 days i keep telan my air liur smpai nak tercekik dah ni memikirkan bnde yg x brape nk rumit ni..hey! it is complicated.xtra complicated!argghh..can i yell to his face? (miera..could u pleaz stop thinking bout cool my dear!)

i am SUPERB XTRA SLEEPY!hahahaha..i need my sleep la ignore me..i didnt disturb u teaching rite??let me sleep for a while..

in a nutshell;
i ♥ u


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