Friday, March 26, 2010


tetibe rase mcm nk update blog..
so aku pon update laa..

wat hapen actually??
many things happened to me this whole week..
that make me want to say..
"give me 1 apple poison pleas!!"
u understand??

she love him..
but dat doesnt mean he love her..
he love her but dat doesnt mean she love him..
so wat is d point to argue with??
enough ok..
juz give me the poison apple..
i want a bite only..

she love him like dying..
watch his face for a few second can make her smile the whole day..
funny rite??
y must she fallen in love wif sumbody dat never noe her??
stupid rite??
love came by itself..
no one can avoid it..

he hurts her feelin but he never noe..
he only noe his pain...
never think bout her feeling..
never care of wat she said..
he ask for it..
then y should he cry for it??
the only thing she want to tell him is..
"im not that sweet girl ok!"

when good girl gone bad..
wat will happen to her world??
wat will happen to him??
should she just go on wif her life..
think other people's life??
she need to think bout the other's life..
she need to think bout her family..
come on girl..
u have a long journey to GET THROUGH!

have u ever think..
dat she should kill him n him??
or just let them go??
or else..
just destroy their life..

she would never ever destroy his world..
she love him so bad..
wat love can do??
it can blind the girl..
it can make her good again..

she also never ever want to destroy his life..
he was her frens..
she love her frens..

she will always be rational..
and never bite the poison apple..
bcoz she noe..
the poison apple cant solve her problem..

the real life of;

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