Monday, March 29, 2010

this is the end..


nice day huh..
lying in bed while my frens in school studying something..
online fb while my frens attend the xtra classes..
update blog while my frens struggling finding way how to get home in the rain..
playing my playlist while my frens struggle to rmember the oral thing..
cool huh??

wat the hell is goin on with me actually??
i still cant answer dat silly question..
its just i feel..
get this bloody hell thing get out of my mind!
and leave me alone!
i've got midyear examination in less than a month..
and u think wat am i goin to do if that bloody thing keep playing in my mind!!
JUST GO AWAY OK!pleas!juz go away..and dont ever come back!

can u understand those thing??
hard to understand rite??
juz leave it ok..
just leave..

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