Tuesday, December 8, 2009

busy all the time...

first of all..

y did dis happen to me..so many things to do in a month...actually x de la byk sgt..hehehe ;) for dis week saje i've got 2 things to do..first..dis thursday ade exam berkmputer ntuk amk lesen..saturday plak ade amali 6 jam (also related wif the lesen.. ;) next week thursday pulak ade meeting prsatuan..another thing plak..my dearest cousin ajk dtg umah die coz da lame x gosip2..jannah plak sebok tnye bile nk jmpe..adess..buntu2..bknnye nk merungut ke hape..tp rase mcm satu burden for me..walaopon sbnrnye im the one who created dis clumsy things..hahaha :)) mengongs la bdak nih!!! ;)

ok..lets get through...
dis friday plak my relative from indonesia is coming..hehehehe..cant wait to meet them..tp sygnye their kids didnt come along...ade exam katenye..huhuhuhu..siannye dorg.. :DD (jht sgguh.. :)

in a nutshell;
njoy ur life even how hard it is..coz life is a chance for us from ALLAH.. :)

the 'busiest' girl in the world;
~m~ :)
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